Our Mission:

At Som Tekstil, we act to protect our planet’s fragile nature and leave a healthy environment for future generations. By adopting sustainability principles in the textile industry, we transform our waste into valuable products and aim to minimize our environmental footprint.

Waste Management:

– We commit to maximizing the reuse or recycling of textile waste to reduce the amount of waste and minimize the volume of waste going to landfills.

– We ensure that all waste generated during the production process is managed effectively and without harming the environment.

Energy Efficiency:

– We meet our energy needs and reduce our carbon footprint by using renewable energy sources, primarily solar energy.

– We regularly monitor our energy consumption and implement new technologies and methods to increase energy efficiency.

Sustainable Resource Use:

– We utilize environmentally friendly, renewable, and sustainable resources for raw material supply. We optimize the use of water and other natural resources, making continuous improvements to prevent unnecessary waste.

Environmentally Friendly Production Processes:

– We continuously review our production processes and develop innovative solutions to reduce their environmental impact. We adhere to and implement the best environmental practices in compliance with environmental standards and laws.

Education and Awareness:

– We educate our employees on environmental awareness and sustainability, ensuring they act with this awareness. We share our sustainability principles with our partners and suppliers and develop collaborations in this direction.

Community Collaboration:

– We actively participate in community projects on environmental sustainability and support local community efforts in environmental protection.

Continuous Improvement:

– At Som Tekstil, we regularly review and improve our environmental policy and practices. We measure our environmental performance and set strategic goals accordingly, ensuring continuous progress in our sustainability journey.