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At Som Tekstil, we build our human resources policy on the principles of respect, transparency, and equality. We aim to create a sustainable work environment by supporting the personal and professional development of our employees. We commit to implementing the highest standards in every area, from recruitment and training to performance management, and the health and safety of our employees.

Recruitment and Diversity:

– Som Tekstil follows a recruitment process that promotes equal opportunity and supports diversity. We are committed to conducting a fair and objective recruitment process for everyone, encouraging cultural, ethnic, and gender diversity.

– We make selections among candidates based on skills and qualifications and apply a fair evaluation process.

Employee Development and Training:

– We offer comprehensive training programs to ensure the continuous education and development of our employees. These programs are designed to enhance both technical skills and knowledge in areas such as sustainability and environmental awareness.

– We provide career development opportunities that enable our employees to maximize their potential.

Performance Management:

– Our performance evaluation processes are based on transparent, objective methods that encourage continuous improvement.

– We recognize and reward our employees’ successes while also providing support and resources for areas of development.

Health and Safety of Employees:

– The health and safety of our employees are our top priority. We continuously review and improve health and safety standards at the workplace.

– We take all necessary measures to ensure a safe and healthy working environment for all our employees.

Social Compliance and Ethical Standards:

– As a member of the AMFORI BSCI platform, Som Tekstil commits to continuously improving working conditions, respecting employee rights, and ensuring social compliance at the workplace. Our BSCI certification reflects our ongoing improvements and commitment to international labor standards.

– Our company policies and practices are shaped not only according to local laws but also in line with international human rights standards. These standards ensure that our employees work in a safe and fair environment.

Evaluation and Improvement:

– We regularly review our human resources policies and practices. In these processes, we take employee feedback seriously and seek opportunities for continuous improvement.